Johan van Heerden


Having previously owned a development and construction company, he was responsible for the conceptualisation, design, planning and construction of in excess of 100 up market residential properties. Within the commercial market, he also successfully designed and developed an office block for Dynarc House, an executive, modern, multi-level office complex, still being the flagship used by many developers to benchmark their developments in the province.

Within the academic environment, besides suitably qualifying himself within the design field, he spent in excess of thirteen years, doing research globally to stay abreast of latest design concepts and trends, ongoing development of tertiary level curricula as well as lecturing and forming part of the faculty management team. After leaving the Central University of Technology, he embarked upon the establishment of his own tertiary level and DOE/CHE accredited visual communication design institute, known as Digital Concept Management (DCM). This institution is one of five nationwide, providing the latest training and education within the ever-changing design field.

With extensive experience and exposure in the construction industry and a sound academic background, he serves as the visionary and chief concept designer within the company.

Besides considering all aspects of design, construction and execution, he remains the driving force with the overall conceptualization of developmental projects. This would include all financial aspects, packaging it to be attractive to potential investors, financiers, stakeholders (i.e. government, relevant industries, local communities, etc.), the completion of feasibility studies, economic impact assessments as well as driving any and all legislative and other compliance matters.

Johan is the driving force behind the conceptualization of numerous development strategies across various fields (i.e. the Provincial Social Development Strategy, to be funded, managed and implemented through a number of PPP's with private sector being the main driver / catalyst; and a National Sport Development Strategy).

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